Winter is Going...

Posted by PaoliMark on April 5, 2014

As Bonnie and I look forward to Sunday nights premier of Season 4 of Game of Thrones I am happy to say "Winter is Going" here in Paoli. Its been a long hard winter here.  It seemed that old man winter checked this website for our business hours and arranged for some of his more creative endeavors to coincided with them.  But I hear we are not alone.

We have some great new art in to start 2014.  This April I will be teaching three classes. Two opportunities to learn the media I have been working with for over thirity years, Introduction to Acrylic Painting and one opportunity for your to learn a media I have been exploring more thouroughly, mosaic.

For both classes there will be plenty of opportunities to "play" while you learn.  A lot of people claim they are not artists but every creative journey starts with a first step.  Why not here?

So now that the risk of white walkers seems to be limited to HBO its time to get out of the house and come to Paoli.!

Best regards