The Paoli House Inn

Posted by PaoliMark on June 8, 2014

Many thanks to Mickaela Summer for leading P.L.A.Y. today and Mark Lajiness for exhibiting today.  But we made exciting progress on another element of our move, the Paoli House Inn.  In our old space so many people mentioned how much they would like to live in our upper gallery.  In our new location the upper floor provides you that opportunity. 

While not having the thick limestone walls the second floor space we will be offerring as the Paoli House Inn has a character all its own.  In our old space much of the wood work was part of the renovation of the space that did not have a roof, or a second story floor.  While much of the wood was recovered it was still not the same floors that the builders walked upon.   That is the case in the Paoli House.

Two of the bedrooms are in the exact spot they were when the building was built some 120 years ago.  We probably have beds in the rooms for our guests than the men who stayed in these same rooms.  I imagine single beds like my grandma had in her spare rooms, perhaps with slats or ropes where grandma's beds were squeaky metal.

We are looking forward to hosting our first guests.