Open in our new location

Posted by PaoliMark on May 17, 2014

We have the initial staging done in our new space in the historic Paoli House.  We are still the Paoli Mill Park Gallery but now we are accross the street from the Mill Park.  We loved the aethetic of our old location but there were some serious limitations. 

Our new space used to be the dining hall and saloon for the Paoli House Hotel, the original floor and part of a tin ceiling give a unique historic flavor to the space.  The previous tenant, the Paoli House Gallery, left the space in great shape to displaying art.   Their business model was different than ours selling mostly high end 2D so we have moved our jewelry cases and the large antique display case, which is being used to better effect.  As part of the move we are trying to keep a visually simpler display space while maintaining the selection range that sets our gallery apart from the others in Paoli.

The new space comes complete with a kitchen and office.  We will be displaying art in both and it is in these spaces that our work remains.  The basement has great storage and may allow a space for jewelry making including our lapidary equipment but this will have to wait for now.  We have another exciting project in the works.

We have an upstairs but we will be using it a little differently.  The space is two of the bedrooms from the former hotel and the balance of the space that has been converted to an appartment.  As I write this we are making plans for adding the first furniture to our "bed and not breakfast."  Lodging regulations require residency to serve breakfast but with the great choices within easy walking distance and kitchen in the apartment for guest use we are modeling our new business venture after the places we love to stay in Door County.  (Where we are as I write this.)

Our short working vacation will end Monday.  I will be driving a U-hual back with some great furniture for the upstairs and a couple of pieces of new art for the gallery.   New plans means a lot of work.

We look forward to seeing you soon.